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No, I am not depressed about my lack of fame and fortune.  It was just the first phrase to pop into my head.

As usual, I am just trying to keep this journal alive.

On the discussion front, I was talking about naming dolls, and it occurred to me that I have a lot of dolls, and so far, I have managed to name them all.  For those who worry that the dolls have taken over my life, they have not.  They are a joy and a pleasure, and they give me something to focus on while I am thinking things through.

Never let it be said that writers just write.  We think a lot too, mostly about writing.  But I am the kind of person who needs to be doing something even when I am thinking, and the dolls have provided me with the right amount of mindless distraction so my brain can work on the things it needs to work on.

But back to names.  As a writer, I name characters.  I keep lists of names, and I check them off when I use them (generally giving myself a notation so I know which story I used them in, and why they cannot be reused in a particular world).

Common names--yeah, they can be used more than once, though one has to be careful that one does not use them in the same tale.

It is the same thing with the dolls.  The ones I purchased to become characters from my stories are easiest to name, of course.  Conor, Eithne, Rhoyd, Anwyn, Alaric, Fenelon and many others are characters I have put into stories and novels, and they just amuse me.

Other dolls--I call them want dolls.  I wanted them.  Didn't need them.  Just found the sculpt attractive enough to intrigue me as to what I could do to them.

I recently added three want dolls to my collection.  All of them are Doll Leaves sculpts.  The Wish sculpt is a 42cm elf.  I fell in love with him the first time I looked at Doll Leaves, but I held off because I didn't "need" him for a character.  Recently, however, Doll Leaves lured me to get him and a little girl sculpt called Fay and because of those two, I earned a tiny doll sculpt called Ovid.

I did not have names for them when they arrived.  I sometimes don't have names until I actually do faceups or costumes.

But these dolls earned names rather quickly.  As a rule, I don't use a sculpt name as the actual name, but Fay is a cute name, the doll is cute, so Fay it is.

The Wish--his name came the moment I settled on what wig to use, and he became Finn.

The Ovid took a little longer, but she is now Olivia.

Meanwhile, a ResinSoul Lan I had gotten a while back had not inspired me to call her anything but Mi'Lady.  It might have been because until I sueded her (that is added hot glue to her joints to keep her from slipping and sliding around), she had kept kicking me, and being resistant to getting clothed.

Once I gave her a face and sueded her, she settled down, but there was still no name.

Then just when I was thinking she would always be Mi'Lady, I looked at her expression and said, "Elizabeth."  So Mi'Lady is now Elizabeth, and has more personality as a result.

Now before you start thinking I have gone around the bend and need therapy, there is a point to all this.  There are times when I start a story, and I have no idea what to call a character, so I randomly grab a name from my list.  Sometimes, the name will determine the character's behaviors and the story might launch in a different direction from what I planned.  Sometimes, the name becomes a place-holder and half way through the tale, it occurs to me that "Charlotte" is actually a "Serena" or an "Anne" and the personality that was trying to shine through bursts forth.

And yes, I know, many of my characters have celtic and nordic names.

The process is still the same.  A name can make a character more realistic.

And that is what it is all about when you write.  Making a character live and breathe so that your fans want to be that character and enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of that character.

Makes the world a little more realistic.


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Apr. 23rd, 2014 02:21 am (UTC)
Ah the name of games.

I've heard warnings against naming characters too soon, because that would bring in any baggage you have with the name. But that's exactly what I find so nice when a name fits: it defines the character so.
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