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The Writer Writes...Alice Update

Okay, so there are times it might take me a while to get some things done.  A while back, I mentioned that I was working on a Delilah Noir, reconstructing her, restringing her if for any reason to prove that I could do it.

Not an easy task, I will admit.  There were trial and error moments.

And there were other things I needed to do that meant I put Alice aside.  Her steampunk persona was going to have to wait a while.

She has been a patient doll, I must say, sitting there in her flower dress and red shoes without a properly defined face...

Weather has not been kind either.  Doing faceups on dolls requires warm days with practically no humidity to keep the acrylic fixative from turning to goo, especially on a vinyl doll.  I kept hoping for good weather, but I would either get high temps and high humidity or low temps and no humidity.

However, the weather this past weekend decided to be kind.  I had an opportunity last week to start doing doll faceups again, and I grabbed my Hujoo Dana (Ginny Ni'Cooley) and worked on her, in spite of her being one of the newer dolls in my growing collection.

I felt a little guilty (yes, I know they are just dolls) about snubbing Alice that way since she was basically next in line for a faceup, but I was quite excited to get Ginny done.  So I made a promise to myself that I would paint Alice a new face next.  I had already made her a lovely gown...

This past weekend, the weather cooperated, and I had three days off, and though I was a bit beat down with a cold, I made the effort to prep Alice.  I was going to hot glue suede her as well, so there was to be a long project.

The results were, to say the least, quite pleasing.  Not only did I give her a lovely new face, I managed to restore her lashes, and fix her body so she didn't pop her middle joint so much.

And here she is...


Quite a lovely lady, if I must say so.


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Feb. 27th, 2014 02:04 am (UTC)
She looks great!
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