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The Writer Writes...Always

Or Bits And Bobs of My Life...

It was a good Christmas, but not a good healthy holiday.  My mother has had some issues (yes, she is much better, thank you).  I have been under the weather myself.  Life as it is.  Never as it should be.  But at least it is a life, I suppose.

We had family in and out.  My sister brought both her girls up from the coast.  Always love to see Lydia and Lily.  We took them for an after Christmas Dinner at my sister's (and admittedly mine and Mom's) favorite place, Red Lobster.

Things are slowly getting back to normal around the house.  I work on stuff.  I write.  I keep playing with the dolls.  New ones have joined my doll family.  One of my sisters actually got me a Monster High Clawdeen (one I was missing because I had not seen one as pretty as this), so I was pleased.

I started the year by getting a rejection that did not make me happy, but then, no rejection makes me happy.  I had my moment of sulking and then went back to work on writing more stuff to submit.  It is how I roll.  I don't know a writer out there who doesn't get a little sulky about a rejection (unless they are one of those writers who never get rejections--though as far as I am concerned that is a myth because everyone gets rejected one way or another...).

Rejection doesn't really hurt you physically.  It bruises your ego, but if you have enough of one, you just shrug it off as "editor had a bad day" or "I didn't do my job as a writer right and send them my best work" and go on.  No one I know ever died from rejection (though I knew someone who said they never submitted their work because if it got rejected, they would never write again...which in my humble opinion was a rather amateur thing to say, but then I was a professionally published author and they were not...)

To me, this seemed kinda silly.  A writer lives to share what they write with the world.  Yes, there are times the world might spit on your work.  There are people who could not care less about what you write.

Years ago, a famous writer teaching a class on how to get published said, "No one wants your stuff, no one cares about it, you are wasting your time.  So you might as well stop writing and go do something else with your life."

A number of students got up and left the room, muttering indignantly.  The writer waited until they stopped streaming out.  He looked at the rest of us as smiled and said, "Okay, now that we got rid of the doubters and pretenders, lets get down to learning how to get published."

It was a clever ruse in my opinion.  It removed those people who have the wrong idea about what it really is to be a writer and left the teacher with those folks who were serious enough about their craft not to listen to the doubters.

So yeah, I gripe and sulk when I don't make the cut.  I groan at the inequality of the industry.

But then I go on and write, because that is what I do.

Playing with the dolls.  Making them costumes and clothes is my way of clearing the cobwebs.  So is art and knitting and crocheting and pretty much anything else I do when I am not writing.

Because it is easier to write when you are not stressed out about life, the universe and almost everything else.

One can never take rejection personally.  Your job is to ignore it and go on and write more and submit more stuff.  Remind yourself that editors are human like the rest of us.

It is okay to have a moment of anger or frustration.  It helps us to see more clearly at times.  Just never give in to the urge to publicly call the editor names, or to write them back and tell them they are wrong.  Because I can assure you that editors also have "Poop Lists" on which they keep the names of writers who were stupid enough to let their egos and their anger overshadow common sense.

If you want to sell what you write, keep sending it out.  If you are persistent, someone will like your work eventually, and you will make a sale or two.

Just don't quit your day job.  ;-)


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Rhissanna Collins
Jan. 15th, 2014 05:56 am (UTC)
Rejection and dolls
Rejection is crappy and if it wasn't crappy, acceptance wouldn't feel so wonderful. Getting up and getting on can feel good too, once you get into it. Goodbye rejection, hello opportunity.

As for dolls, they're always good.

Happy New Year!
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