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The Writer Writes...A Moment of Your Time

One thing writers have difficulty getting is insurance.  Why?  Well, it is expensive, and when your income is not exactly steady (because lets face it--writers are poorly paid entertainment creators and way too many people think is it okay to spend Big Bucks on Big Name's next novel in advance, but would not be bothered to try a new writer who probably writes better than Big Name any day of the week for way less, but just doesn't have Big Name's Big Name Clout), the insurance companies tend to frown at you.

But stuff happens.  Accidents happen.  People get sick or hurt, and oftentimes, when they are writers, they are left out in the cold or stressed out by medical expenses.

I just learned that my good friend Maggie Bonham, a writer and editor, and the publisher of Sky Warrior Book Publishing (http://www.skywarriorbooks.com/) has been seriously injured.  She fell with her horse into a ravine.  She has a broken neck, broken spine and several other injuries.  The good news is she is able to move and has no paralysis.

The bad news--she has no insurance to cover the medical costs for her or her injured horse.

So in order to cover her medical costs, I would urge you to visit this page: http://www.gofundme.com/3o98sk#

Help Maggie to cover the cost.

If you are not interested in donating, at least go to Sky Warrior Books and purchase the works available there.  Maggie will thank you.  Her authors will thank you.

And so will I...


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Jul. 23rd, 2013 05:18 pm (UTC)
Done. My alter-ego has a story in The Mystical Cat from Sky Warrior.
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